About Emily

I began practicing yoga in 2000 in Ann Arbor, Michigan and have been teaching since 2010.  A lifelong athlete, I first looked to yoga as a physical practice but over the years discovered the benefits extended to my total wellness.  My education in kinesiology from the University of Michigan has fostered a deep appreciation for anatomy and physiology.  My goal as a teacher is to encourage personal awareness, inner peace and rock solid calves to students through a dedicated and challenging practice.  My goal as an individual is to be awesome, calm and have rock solid calves.  She has completed teacher training as well as a year-long apprenticeship with Julie Lawrence.  She is currently under apprenticeship with Tonya Garreaud and continuing studies with Julie.  She plans to go up for Iyengar yoga assessment in the fall of 2017.

I volunteer as a teacher for the non-profit Living Yoga, whose mission is to teach yoga as a tool for personal change to people who would otherwise not have access to it.  I have also served on the non-profit board of directors for the YWCA in Clark County since 2011.  In my free time I dabble in typesetting on my antique printing press, running and tagging along with my two young children to explore the world.